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A day in the life of WDS - Mike's Journal
April 2006
Sun, Apr. 16th, 2006 12:28 pm
A day in the life of WDS

You all know you want to know how my typical day goes:

Arrival: 6:53 AM
I grab my coffee from the break room (2 cream, 2 sugar) and log into my system. Once all my tools are up and running, it's right at 7:00. I log into our phone queue, and wait for a call. For the next little while, I am just on the HTC queue, to help get calls moving.

  1. 7:01 AM
    Kari has a Cingular 8125 and can't get to her manual on her CD. I walked her into the CD and helped her open up the manual. She also wants to know how to save a picture from an MMS file to her phone. Showed her how to do this as well. Easy call.

  2. 7:15 AM
    Art called in, he is not able to sync his information from Outlook to his 8125. He is getting error message: 0x80004005 when he tries to do this. He's talked to lots of reps who have had him do lots of stuff he can't recall. Usually 0x80 error messages mean "Outlook Problem". He's already tried detecting and repairing to no avail. Tried once more, no effect. Ensured that user had no firewalls or anything to interfere. Had user remove his partnerships on the computer and the device. Partnership on phone wouldn't delete (probably corrupted). He has a meeting, I offered to call him back at 10:00.

  3. 8:19
    Keith and his IT guy call in, they can't Activesync their 8125 either. Art is in a corporate setting and security is much tighter. The IT guy has been working with Art for 3 hours, and can not get Activesync to see that there is a phone plugged in. Asked what kind of firewalls and/or VPN software they have. Stopped the services, but the firewall service hung, not stopped. Reset the computer, manually stopped the services again, and tried to sync. No avail. Asked if there was any other type of internet security/routing/management software. IT guy says no. Explained how Activesync worked. Asked if for some reason TCP/IP would be stopped, checked, and this was turned off. Turned this on, and bam, working. User doesn't want to have to do this each time, explained that IT guy would need to make exceptions in firewalls and VPN routing to allow the connection to go unimpeded. Gave the IT dept the essentials (system services, port numbers, ect) and let them manage it how they want to.

  4. 9:15 AM

  5. 9:30 AM
    Got a message from one of my co-workers, Art has called back in and is requesting to speak to me. Good timing, since I just got off break. Called Art back and walked through a hard reset with him. Re-made the partnership in Activesync and worked like a charm. Assisted user setting up his e-mail and settings again.

  6. 10:30 AM
    Finished up with Art - sitting in available (no calls in queue). I decide to spend this nice quiet time listening to Eagle-Eye Cherry and playing my Nintendo DS.

  7. 10:54 AM
    Darren called in, he is not able to sync over a program to his 8125 device. Getting error 0x85010014. I asked if he uses Outlook, he does not. 0x80 errors are usually Outlook, so I had him uncheck anything that has to do with Outlook. Did a sync. Compeleted successfully. Darren said that the problem is with this 3rd party program. He starts it up on his computer and tells it to generate a report in a mobile format. It gets 75% through the process, and then it freezes. I told darren that this is a problem with the program, not the device, and he will need to contact them for support on this. But he can at least get rid of that error now!

  8. 11:08 AM
    Queue empty - Sinead O'Connor comes on my LAUNCHcast player. What a mess.

  9. 11:40 AM
    Steve calls in - has some random questions about stats of the 2125 phone from Cingular. I answer his questions.

  10. 12:00 PM
    Lunch! I have a Chicken Caesar Grilled Stuft Burrito from Taco Bell (yum!)

  11. 1:08 PM
    Brian calls in about a 2125 (Keep in mind I am the manufacturer on this call). States he is on his second phone and that both have the same problem. He'll show full signal, but try and make a call and he is unable to make or recieve voice calls and/or send e-mail. If he resets the phone, it will work for a few hours, then do the same thing. Says that it is the device. Explained that the odds of 2 devices doing the exact same problem are very very slim. Problem most likely is either a) account, b) SIM card, c) battery, or d) some combination of the above. We can pretty much rule out battery, that's a pretty much on/off issue if it's bad. So I advised him to try another SIM from a Cingular store.

  12. 1:30 PM
    Sharon from Cingular calls in. User is getting an 'Invalid Recipient' error when sending e-mail through the Cingular SMTP server. Advised that this is a server side error, and nothing I can do to help, other than advise to use a different SMTP server (i.e. GMail).

  13. 1:43 PM
    George called in, was talking to a nice girl here at HTC that was going to help him configure his Exchange Server to do live push e-mail. I told George that this will require an update from Cingular called the Windows Mobile Feature Pack, which has not been released. Cingular will announce when this is finished.

  14. 2:01 PM
    User called in, needs assistance with insurance on her phone, transfered call to Cingular Customer Care.

  15. 2:10 PM
    Calling a user back that I assisted about 3 weeks ago with wi-fi on his device. He had to hard reset, and now it doesn't work. He's called in 2-3 times and asked reps for me, but I have either been not here or busy. He didn't answer his cell or home phone. Oh well, I'll try later.

  16. 2:15 PM
    Made a call back to a user for a co-worker of mine who is not here today. User said, "Oh hey dude, what's up? Can you call me around 11 or 12 tonight?" Told him we aren't open that late, to which he replied, "Oh, whatever, just have what's his face call me tomorrow." I will let 'What's His Face' know.

  17. 2:30 PM
    Fred called in from T-Mobile, he wants to know how to insert a pause when dialing a speed dial from the MDA. It's a lower case 'p' for a one second pause. Problem solved.

  18. 2:58 PM
    David has several questions. He is a realtor and his program that remotely unlocks home lockboxes is not working. Advised that this is not supported by us, he would need to contact the software developer. He said he already has, and they don't support using that program on his device. I told him this is probably why it isn't working. He also wants to know how to do a conference call. I showed him out to do this. Lastly, he wants to set up his phone as a tethered modem. I offered to help him with this, but he is away from the computer. Told him he will need to call back whe he is next to it to set this up.

  19. 3:12 PM
    Darren called in, talked with several Cingular reps and is at a Cingular store, they can not get his e-mail setup. I asked if it was corporate or personal (exchange or POP3), it is POP. Not sure why there was a problem, I walked him through, and first time, bam, e-mail came in. Took all of 10 minutes. User thinks I am a god.

  20. 3:28 PM
    Jason called in, wants to sync with his computer at home as well as at work. For some reason, it will sync calendar entries from the computer to the device, but not from the device to the computer. Had user remove the partnerships for that computer and recreate them. Sync'd the phone, worked great. Now user wants to set up e-mail. Had him discover his settings, set up his e-mail, and it worked great. Yay for customers thinking that I am amazing for solving the most basic of problems.

Since this is now Sunday as this is being posted, and I forgot to finish it on Tuesday, I'll just post this much. It's kinda boring anyway. So yay for that.


Ben Dawg!
Sun, Apr. 16th, 2006 11:22 pm (UTC)

That's some pretty technical stuff you must be trained on! However, that's great you can help so many out with the simple stuff. It amazes me how inept people are...

People in my office think I'm a tech. god simply because I'll use a "guess and check/try and see" approach to finding things.