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Post a comment - Mike's Journal
April 2006
Sun, Mar. 19th, 2006 04:58 pm


So yea, again, not updating for a while. I'm bad. But now I downloaded Semagic at work, so there is some incentive.

Speaking of work, that's where I am right now! WOO! Not really. We've had like, 5 people quit in the last week, and it's going to kill our service levels. But that stuff is boring, who cares.

I got a new TV! YAY! It's a 92'' HDTV Projector (Optima DV10) and it came with a nice 92" screen to display it on. It looks awesome in the living room. Watching movies is the coolest now, cause it's like having my very own theater. Now I just have to get some nice speakers to go along with it, but that may be a while. I got an AMAZING deal on the projector and screen (cause I is broke). Like, so good of a deal, that I had to wait over 20 minutes for a manager at the store to validate what I was getting for the cost, because they thought that I was bluffing or something. The salesman was really pissed at me, because it meant that he wasn't getting any commission or anything, and he was like, "Um, you have to come back and buy something from me later, because I made this happen for you." I was like, "Um, nothing. I found a link on your site that clearly marked this price, and you will give it to me or I will devour your soul." It still meant that I didn't have money for like, 2 weeks, but it was worth it.

Hmmm, what else what else what else. Work mostly. And some stuff inbetween.

lantsenLance and stuffyr7Steph came up this last weekend, and we went to the Children's Theater, we saw "Peter and the Wolf" and "The Devil and Daniel Webster". Really good shows, I liked "The Devil" better though, more mature theme and really really good acting. Is it bad that I want to totally get some of the actors phone numbers after the show? Like, "Hey Jabez Stone... you looked good up there. Can you autograph my program with your number?" (And no, the actors are not children, they are adults, pervs... some pretty hot adults I might add).

I went to Omaha a while back to visit a good friend of mine, which was a lot of fun. Omaha reminds me a lot of Spokane in a lot of ways, weather, size, people... it was almost kinda funny walking around town going, "Wow, it's just like Spokane, only with big train buildings and a lot of farmers." It was a great trip though, and a nice break from work.

Fun stuff on the horizon... um, well, it's March now, and my 'fake' birthday came and went. I didn't even realize it was my 'birthday' (for those that don't know, my driver's license is wrong. Instead of 5/3/83 [my real b-day], they put 3/5/82) until someone said, "Oh, happy birthday!" when they looked at my ID. It's still weird to think that I will be 24 in May. Ehh. One year a way from being able to rent a car.

I have an urge to take a totally random trip. Like, blow my next check on something really stupid, like last minute airfare to Europe for as cheap as I can find it, and go to Amsterdam. Who knows, maybe I will (yea right).

So, with that, I go to my last break of the day.

Current Mood awake
Current Music Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie

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